Yes, even after an entire year, I am still playing Pokémon Go. Not with the regularity that I used to, but both the gym re-vamp and the recent special events revived my interest. You can actually win gym battles as a solitary player again because all the gyms aren’t stuffed full of Dragonites and Gyarados! And the raid battles get you cool stuff! And the coin rewards are way better.

Also, it took 53 weeks, but I finally hatched a Snorlax from a 10km (reduced to 3.3 km during the most recent fest) egg. I love it so much. Adorable cuddly Snorlax.

Perhaps even more unbelievably, I am also still playing Neko Atsume. There was an update recently adding two more Normal and one Rare cat, and also new toys, which are very suited to the Sugary and Café Styles.

Abyssrium has also recently revived my interest with special event fish and the new “fusion fish”. The appearance of the latter interfered somewhat with my goal of finishing off Levels 1 through 3 of the Collections (Level 4 is pretty much impossible until you get to ridiculously high levels). I have just a few more Vampire Squid to make before I’m done with Level 3 and then I can collect the rest of the fusion fish.

I’ve completed Magikarp Jump’s Ultra League, the eighth and last. One of my tiny satisfactions has been ensuring that the Magikarp who win the leagues have appropriate names. For instance, Stitch won the Great League and Lilo won the Fast League. You have one guess who won the Ultra League.

The bloke discovered a game that we both like called Samorost 3, while searching for a replacement puzzle game for the beautiful and creepy “The Room” series that we both completed. The artwork in Samorost 3 is wonderful and the puzzles are possibly even more cryptic than in The Room, although apparently not if you’re four and have been playing touch-screen-based games for your entire life. We got stuck on something and Humuhumu figured it out in about five minutes, thereby making us feel both old and incredibly thick. Thank you, child.

Anyway, Samorost 3 features an elfin creature in a nightcap wandering around through a strangely organically populated space. There are comets and planets and asteroids, but they are all shaped like seeds or bulbs or tree trunks. You run around exploring, using your trumpet to hear music and sounds that give you clues about the puzzle you must solve to keep your spaceship moving and complete the narrative. It’s lovely to look at and very absorbing. It’s also not free. Still, highly recommended.

Gratuitous pictures of gameplay under the cut.

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How's everyone else's summer gameplay going? Anyone else still playing PokéGo?
Pokémon Go: Week 25 + Abyssrium

I haven’t posted about PokéGo in a while, which probably reflects my waning interest. I have, however, reached Level 28, thanks in part to the quadruple points bonus from the Lucky Egg evolves during the Thanksgiving event. I didn’t benefit much from the Winter Holiday event due to being entirely occupied by family in rural Norfolk. It was pretty irritating not to see a single Pokémon within a kilometre of the house. On a couple of brief visits to town, I got a few free incubators. I also caught a large quantity of Santachus in London during December, which were sufficient for me to evolve a Raiclaus. \o/

New to my Pokédex since my last update on Week 18 (!) were: Blastoise, Dodrio, Exeggcutor, Arcanine, Magneton, Raichu (and Raiclaus), Nidoqueen,Ivysaur, Charmeleon, Vileplume (which is a lot cuter than it sounds), Victreebel (which isn’t), Dragonite and Weezing.

I’ve caught a few Dittos, and one was even in Worcestershire and not London. I’m 30 candies from my fourth Gyarados. I am frustrated that I’ve been playing for nearly half a year now and not managed to catch, hatch or even see in the wild a Snorlax, a Lapras or an Aerodactyl.

OTOH, I hatched a Pikachu from a 2km egg recently, which was pretty satisfying! I’ve walked my Sandshrew to sufficient candies to evolve it, and my Nidorino is ready to go at my next Lucky Egg too. I have sufficient Voltorb, Kabuto and Vulpix candies to make walking them to evolution a reasonable undertaking. After that, though, I won’t have many left to evolve, and for those, I have so few candies out of the 100 required that walking them is pointless until there’s another event where the distance required is quartered. I suspect this game is coming to the end of its natural cycle for me.

Abyssrium has been making up for the petering out of PokéGo with its Winter Holiday event. I collected all the Christmas fish in their Santa outfits and enjoyed adorning my Coralite with Rudolph antlers. I also still faithfully feed my Neko Atsume kitties and water my Viridi plants every day. At some point I’ll have to look into acquiring a new adorable phone game.

Gratuitous Abyssrium & Neko Atsume images below.

Neko Atsume - Whiteshadow
Featuring the elusive Whiteshadow in the Sugary Style garden. Looking at this, I can’t feel too sad that my first public post of 2017 is about frivolous games.

My plan is to finish off the December Days photo prompts in January. I also have a set of Throwback Thursday photos I shall be posting over the course of the next year. Let it not be said that I don’t have goals.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2016 06:55 pm)
Who’s got plans for event-based Pokéwalks? *raises hand*

  • Fiiiiiiinally reached Level 26. Currently trying not to think about how long that took.
  • Am enjoying the new bonuses for first catch of the day/first Pokéstop of the day, and for the 7-day streaks of these. On days when I can only play for a few minutes, it’s so helpful for boosting my XP tally in any sort of meaningful way.
  • I seem to be encountering a lot of Mr Mimes at the moment. This is not so pleasant. OTOH, I’ve run into 10 or so Magnemites in the past three weeks, which has made me quite happy.
  • The Spreadsheet of Evolve says I can add seven more things to my Pokédex at my next Lucky Egg of Evolve. Soon I will buy said Lucky Egg of Evolve, because I have seventy-odd evolutions available.
  • I played with Humuhumu when we were on the U of Birmingham campus last weekend. We had a great time and she was very proud of catching 20 (!) Pokémon, three of them with Excellent throws. I think I’ve had maybe two successful Excellent throws in all my weeks of playing? Kids!
  • The event that started today couldn’t have been better timed, as I’m in London through Friday. I’m happy with double points and stardust. I would be even more excited for a repeat of doubled candy bonuses. Maybe they’re saving that for the December festival holiday event?
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( Oct. 31st, 2016 08:37 pm)
Squee, as always, welcome in the comments.

  • Huzzah for the Halloween event! It kicked off whilst I was in the Netherlands. I managed to walk my Clefairy to the point of evolution, and I unexpectedly caught sufficient Cubones to be able to evolve one.
  • I used my Level 25 lucky egg since the Spreadsheet of Evolve said I had 91 evolutions available. I actually didn’t have enough Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles or Caterpies to do them all. Still, 80,000+ XP is not to be sneezed at. I also did some fairly ruthless transferring, to take advantage of the extra candy from the Halloween event.
  • I now have three Gyarados.
  • New to my Pokédex were the Clefable, Marowak, Wigglytuff, Omastar and Dewgong. DEWGONG. <3333
  • How brilliant is the double candy reward for catches (+6) and transfers (+2)? Almost as brilliant as having to walk a quarter of the distance with your Buddy for a candy.
  • I’m walking my Pikachu. I am delighted that it sits on my shoulder. I’m also delighted that I’ll only have to walk 11 km to be able to evolve it, instead of 44.
  • I like the redesign of the egg page. It’s much easier to tell which egg corresponds to what distance with a quick glance.
  • I don’t like the redesign of the medals. I liked having an exact count of the number I needed to bump up from bronze to silver to gold. The progress bar is too imprecise, although I concede it makes the front page listing much tidier. However, once you hit gold, you get the exact count back when you click on the medal, so why isn’t it there for the others when you click on them? Grrr.
  • On the positive side, I hit gold for evolving over 200 Pokémon. Best of all, I’ve hit silver on the Hex Maniac medal because of all the ghost-type Pokémon that are now appearing. This makes me happy.

I wasn’t able to take advantage of the event over the weekend due to spending 90% of our waking hours either preparing for, throwing, or recovering from, Humuhumu’s Halloweeny birthday party. (Pics to come in a future post.) (I may still be recovering.) I can’t complain, though. I can’t thank my child enough for cleverly being born so close to my favourite holiday.
  • My three 10 km eggs hatched into: a relatively low CP Jynx (grumble), a high CP Pinsir (sigh) aaaaaand….A SCYTHER. The last was new to me and also very powerful. So I’m happy. I’m saving the fourth 10 km egg for when I level up.
  • Nearly finished with Level 24. So...close...want....Lucky...Egg...argh.
  • I cracked and did some boring Pidgey evolutions because I was so tired of hauling around loads of them.
  • My Pokédex claims I have attempted and failed to catch a Nidoqueen and an Exeggcutor. I find this irritating because I cannot recall seeing either.
  • I walked my Jigglypuff for sufficient candies so that they’re ready to evolve along with the Omanyte and the Seel. Now walking my Clefairy because even though I’ve only caught a few, it’s only 1 km per candy.
  • I reached Silver level on the Breeder medal for hatching 100+ eggs, and Silver on the Fisherman medal for catching 50 big Magikarp. I also have sufficient candies to evolve a third Gyarados. Typically I earn enough candies to be able to fully power up my highest CP Magikarp before I do the evolution as well. It’s a bit ridiculous.
  • I think I’m seeing a greater variety of Pokémon spawns near my house. Don’t get me wrong, the majority are still comprised of Magikarp, Goldeen, Poliwag, Psyduck, Slowpoke and Staryu and occasionally the evolved forms of these (apart from Gyarados - I’ve never seen a wild Gyarados). But I see Eevee, Oddish, Zubat and even Drowsee now, where I would only have ever seen Pidgey and Rattata previously. The change seems to have happened around the time the nests were rearranged. Has anyone else observed this?

Abyssrium, which I’d almost stopped playing entirely, has a Halloween event going on. Sir Tap Tap’s guide has been updated so that you can optimise your candy usage to collect all the ghost and bone fish. I’m enjoying the theme, as you can see from my reef below, with its pumpkins, candles, tombstones, ghost fish and bone turtle.

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I suspect I’m now over halfway through the lifecycle of Pokémon Go. I’m still enjoying my weekly urban Pokéwalks, but the thrill of catching enough unusual-to-me Pokémon or otherwise acquiring enough candy to evolve them is beginning to pall. I’ve just about come to terms with the fact that leveling up now takes weeks. I’d like to maintain my interest long enough to get to Level 30 or to the point where I can evolve the remaining 30 or so evolvable Pokémons in my repertoire, whichever comes first, but both possibilities seem rather distant right now.

That said, I have enough candy to evolve my Omanyte and my Seel, and I hope with enough walking I should be able to evolve my Koffing and my Jigglypuff. I hatched another Vulpix from a 5 km egg so that’s nearly walkable as well. The Spreadsheet of Evolve decrees that I should hold off on evolutions until my next Lucky Egg. I’m over halfway through Level 24, so I’m gritting my teeth and grinding through to the Level 25 rewards.

I currently have three - three! - 10 km eggs to hatch. I was so excited about this I spent some precious Pokécoins on an incubator. The first one is nearly ready.

I discovered that Kensington Gardens now seems to be a Diglett nest. I caught four on my last walk through it, having never seen one there previously.

On the other end of the necessary-user-input spectrum, Viridi continues to be a quiet source of daily pleasure. I share here two images of my plant pot. The first was taken on the day I started playing. The second is one month later, when everything bloomed. <3

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( Oct. 4th, 2016 10:10 pm)
I have many things I want to write thoughtful posts about, but so very little energy left to construct them. Hence: Pokémon. Squee is welcome in the comments.

  • On my way home from London, I found a Mr Mime lurking on a corner. I caught him. He was even worse than I’d imagined. I cannot decide which is more horrifying: Mr Mime or Grimer. Cannot...unsee...
  • I caught a Magnemite! It’s not very powerful, but it is new to me. I’m very fond of it because it makes me think of my work.
  • Not long after I caught the Magnemite, I encountered a CP1100+ Magneton in Hammersmith Tube station. I immediately threw a Raspberry and an Ultraball at it, but it poofed away after my first attempt (a Great Throw, even)! DISAPPOINT.
  • The Magnemite unlocked a new medal: Depot Agent, for Steel-type Pokémon. It is now my Most Pathetic Medal. Yay!
  • On the other end of the scale, I maxed out the Collector (2000+ Pokémon collected) and Backpacker (2000+ Pokéstops visited) medals.
  • I’ve walked my Omanyte to evolvability. Now walking my Seel, because who wouldn’t want a Dewgong to call their own?
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( Sep. 27th, 2016 02:04 pm)
For various reasons, I'm planning to reward myself with a very, very long Pokéwalk when I'm in London this week. Are you still playing? Has anyone just started? All types and levels of squee are welcome in the comments.

  • I HATCHED A LICKITUNG! From a 5k egg I picked up in the USA, I think.
  • I also hatched another Vulpix. I’m still not in reasonable candy number/walking distance to a Ninetails, especially with several other candidates that are 5 candies or less from their first evolution.
  • I popped a Lucky Egg and deployed the Spreadsheet of Evolve. I now have: Kadabra, Abrok, Machoke, Primeape, Gloom, Parasect, Graveler and Rapidash.
  • I didn’t even get to the 16 Pidgey evolutions before the Egg ran out, but did them afterward and reached Level 24.
  • I maxed out the Kanto medal with the latest set of evolutions. 102 registered in the Pokédex.
  • Very close to maxing out the Collector (2000 Pokémon caught!), Scientist and Backpacker medals.
  • I now have two Gyarados. So many Magikarp. But it’s worth it because the end result is another beautiful blue dragon. My new dragon is CP1800+ and over 400 kg. Ginormous.
  • Most of the way to silver medals in the following, but assume achieving gold is probably not a sustainable goal: Fisherman, Ruin Maniac, Hiker and Hex Maniac.
  • That said, every time my interest begins to wane, I have a trip to London and I get hooked all over again.
  • I walked my Ponyta for 27 km until I earned a fire unicorn. O gorgeous Rapidash. Such a shame that to stroke your mane and tail is to set one’s hand alight. <333
  • Currently walking my Omanyte. Three candies to Oma-something-or-other!
  • This past weekend I was walking with Keiki in a Poké-rich location. I came across a gym headed by a CP400-ish Pidgeotto and thought, aha, I can take this before Keiki gets bored in his pushchair, so I’ll just have a quick play. No sooner had I installed my Rainer (Vaporeon) atop the gym than a door nearby opened and a boy rushed out. “Was that you?” he demanded. “Er, yes,” I replied, taken aback. “That was my best Pokémon,” he replied, crestfallen. “Oh, um, sorry,” I said. There was a pause. “Tell you what, I’ll drop a lure on that Pokéstop and maybe you can catch something even better.” I did, and he pootled happily back inside, thereby hopefully mitigating the Adult Woman Accidentally Ruins Child’s Day scenario. WHOOPS

(PS I made a thread on [personal profile] littlebutfierce’s A Wild Love Meme Appears. I don’t normally do these things but I could use it right now so if you feel like saying a Nice Thing or two I’d appreciate it, thank you.)
  • I didn’t get to poke as many mons as I would have liked in the USA due to lack of mobile data. After the first hotel, our next two temporary abodes were, frustratingly, nested between Pokéstops but not quite close enough to reach them with the provided WiFi connections.
  • Although I saw the shadow of a Tauros several times, I didn’t manage to catch one.
  • I did, however, acquire the following new Pokémon, in addition to the Ekans, Growlithe and Pikachu mentioned previously:
    • Nidorino
    • Diglett (looks like a tiny happy...tombstone?!)
    • Persian (mrow)
    • Grimer (horrible purple drippy thing, joint least favourite with the Weepinbell)
    • Cubone (why so difficult to catch?)
    • Second Pikachu (wooo)

  • My 10k egg from the USA hatched into a Pinsir. It’s a very powerful Pinsir, but I’m still a bit disappointed.
  • I maxed out the Bug Catcher and Psychic medals. It will now be a long time before I max out any more as I just don’t see certain types of Pokémon very often.
  • I unlocked the “Pikachu Fan” medal, which has now displaced the Rocker as my Most Pathetic Medal Tally. Yay!
  • Have finally managed to bump up to Level 23. Will be popping a Lucky Egg & using my Spreadsheet of Evolve very soon.
  • Thanks to the trip to the USA, I can now evolve several Pokémon I couldn’t have before, including the Abra, Ekans, Machop, Mankey, Meowth (although I’ve already caught a Persian) and Paras. I AM EXCITE.

After meeting up with [personal profile] emelbe in Monterey, she kindly helped to enable me to achieve “relax and switch off” mode by introducing me to two new games: Viridi and Abyssrium. Viridi is aesthetically pleasing and very soothing. It’s even more low-key than Neko Atsume, which I didn’t know was possible. You plant a pot full of succulent cacti, water them, and wait. The plants grow at real-time speed, so you only need to check on them once a day. When you start up the game, a short movie showing the growth progress of your plants is shown. A snail slowly and continuously orbits the perimeter of the pot. My pot is called “Subsumed”.

Abyssrium requires more interaction. You grow a coral reef and populate it with fish. It’s a “clicker” game, but a very beautiful one. I’ve now reached the stage where I have nearly all the animals apart from the dugong, which is effectively “beating” the game. I found this walkthrough by Sir TapTap very useful for strategising and acquiring hidden fish. Now that I don’t have to graft to earn new fish, I have a plan to create a garden full of nothing but jellyfish, sun fish, seahorses and turtles, which are the slowest-moving creatures available, and watching it whenever I feel tense.

My reef a couple of weeks ago, just a few bits of coral and fish:

My reef now, teeming with life:

A few more soothing reef images, just because. )
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( Aug. 30th, 2016 04:51 am)
The usual squee is most welcome in the comments.

  • I hatched a CP1300+ Magmar! My only previous encounter with a Magmar was in London, when I was still quite low level. It was CP13 and although it came with a lot of candy (for some reason) it was nowhere near enough to power it up to a usable level. So it was exciting to get this one, as I’ve been able to put it to use in the gym. It’s currently residing in a local gym, earning me stardust & Pokécoins.
  • I discovered a nearby gym has been taken over by a large group from Team Mystic. So I battled up its prestige enough to pop in my CP1600+ Gyarados, and it’s actually been there for almost a week. I’ve never had a Pokémon in a gym for more than about two hours, so this is really exciting.
  • I HATCHED A VULPIX FROM A 5KM EGG. Now I understand what [personal profile] recessional is on about. :D So lovely.
  • I had thought I wouldn’t use my Spreadsheet of Evolve again until Level 25, but my monitoring shows I already have 39 evolutions available and I’m only halfway through Level 22. As I’m unlikely to gain XP very quickly over the next few weeks without my regular London trips, I shall probably use my second Lucky Egg somewhere on my journey from 22 to 25.
  • I’m very close to maxing out the Bug Catcher and Psychic medals. My most pathetic medal is still the Rocker, since I have caught a grand total of three Electric-type Pokémon.
  • I’m already 379 Magikarp candies on my way to my second Gyarados. So. Many. Magikarp. I wish I could trade my Magikarp for some Eevees. Or Meowths. Or Geodudes.
  • Since arriving in the USA for a holiday, I have caught an Ekans and a Growlithe. I had thought the former was some kind of poo-joke-Pokémon from its shadow, but it makes sense that it’s a snake now that I see it. The latter has me enchanted, and now I want whatever a Growlithe evolves into. I’ve never even seen a shadow of one before.
  • The first egg that I got from a US-ian Pokéstop was a 10k. It went straight into an incubator and I am absurdly excited about hatching it.