[Image of a Cassini spacecraft model inside a black gimbal structure comprised of three concentric rings, mounted on a plexiglass stand and sitting on the corner of a desk.]

Now that I'm back at work, I present another of my Rare Objects from Space History for #tbt. This is a model of the Cassini spacecraft, mounted in the centre of what I can only think to describe as a gimbal. The high gain antenna is pointed toward the bottom of the photo. The model was distributed to instrument teams to aid them with pointing design. It can be rotated around three axes within the gimbal. Each circle of rotation is marked in degrees, so that from a set of numbers indicating its orientation (eg "RA & dec"), an instrument engineer can work out which way the spacecraft is pointing.

I have no idea when it was originally given to our team but it predates me joining the Cassini project (ca 2006).
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Ooh - is it an armillary sphere?

Also: this is gorgeous and I thank you.
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Being a historian, seeing a thing like that immediately reminds me of a thing like this:

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That something so lovely is also useful explains why I hold space scientists in awe.
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That is both a lovely thing to look at and probably a very useful tool for making sure that your instrument is pointed in the right direction.
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That is so cool.

Here's to useful items that also possess beauty.
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Ooh, nice! Part of me wants to insist the rings should be spinning gyros.
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Wow, that is the coolest thing! Thanks so much for sharing it - cheered up a dismal morning, seeing that. Do feel free to share pics of any other unusual or interesting Rare Objects From Space that you might happen to have or know of. :-)
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Oh wow, that is lovely and lovely because it is functional.
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That is elegant in it's functionality, and beautiful in fact that the designer went to the trouble of crafting a model of Cassini when a simple pointer would've done the job.

I really hope someone donates theirs to a museum otherwise it's exactly that sort of rare tool that ends up getting lost to history as they're put away and forgotten about when people move on to other projects.
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Good to know!

It's always good to archived backups, just in case. This applies to physical stuff as well.
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New SF trophy?

Granted that I would really like to see a colour photo of that, I feel confident in saying that would be a gorgeous trophy for a science fiction award of some sort. (I'd suggest the Hugo, but they have a tradition of phallic rocket ships that, despite that, I rather like.)
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Re: New SF trophy?

Thanks for that. I think Cassini's golden colour really adds to the image.

But cardboard! Shatter my delusions illusions, why don't you! :)