Managed to miss it entirely. We went to Rugbytots, got the car washed, gardened a bit, loaded up the kids bikes and spent the rest of the day in the park with friends. Ice cream, playgrounds and baby geese all got a look in.

Now falling asleep in front of something randomly selected on television. It is almost comically sexist and looks really dated. Turns out it's not the 10 PM news on ITV. It's Jaws 3. But it did take me a minute.
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I had someone at the till at work as me if I was 'not gutted to be in here and missing the wedding, dear?' Given how you're allowed to talk to customers I replied with 'can't say that I you want a bag?'

Also....the made three of jaws?
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IIRC, they made four of Jaws. Jaws 3 was the first 3D film I saw in the cinema.
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It sounds like your day was more pleasant than watching the wedding. I admit, though, that I wish I could have watched it!
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Spent (most of) the day in the garden. Did maintain my Y-chromosome street-cred by coming in while the FA Cup was on, but actually continued reading, using the sound volume on the TV to cue me if something interesting was happening. Not much did.
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Being a republican, I went out of my way to miss it.

It was nice in Shrewsbury! :o)
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That says quite a bit about the news these days if you can't distinguish the evening broadcast and Jaws.
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I didn't intentionally avoid the wedding (my tv isn't hooked up to the actual cable, but can get internet!tv but I never turn it on in the day anyway) though I did end up not seeing any of it because I was running errands, cleaning, and then reading in the backyard. I did nip on to the Guardian website to see what the dress looked like though.