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I had wanted to post this yesterday, as it was the 50th anniversary, but ran out of time. So, a day late, but no less important: Here is my very personal celebration of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court decision, handed down on 12 June 1967, that legalised interracial marriage in the USA.

Without it, my parents might have been jailed or permanently separated. Without it, I might not exist. I am grateful that what was just and correct prevailed in the face of popular opinion.

[Image of my dad, baby!me and my mom, with one of my aunties in the pool at a Honolulu hotel. Photo taken by my maternal grandfather.]

[Image of me in a flowery yellow dress being cuddled, and surrounded, by my Filipino cousins and aunties.]

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It blows my mind that decisions like this are in living memory. Like we had figured out nuclear bombs but couldn't deal with interracial marriage? Better late than never, I guess.

Those photos are adorable.

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So much love in the photos. It's insane anyone ever thought it was wrong.
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It led to all sorts else around the world as well- like the fact that I have a legal identity at all and am married........

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Here's to the hope that nobody is going to be hateful enough to try outlawing love between consenting adults again.
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So happy in the one with your cousins and aunts!
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So absurd a law, and so appropriately named a decision.

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Gorgeous photos (I agree, you look just like Keiki!) And a great reason to post. <3 <3 <3

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Adorable and a good looking family. Sadly there is still much backwards thinking.
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So ridiculously recent.

As I mentioned on FB, that was the year Aboriginal Australians were recognized in the census and allowed to vote.

Please let's NOT go back to those days? Ever?
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I love old pictures like this. <3 It's super hard to imagine that there are people who are alive still who remember when people made such a big deal out of what seems like such a strange and arbitrary thing.

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Man, this gets me right in the feels. Such adorable photos.

I'm so glad that we exist! <333
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It's terrible that interracial marriage was ever illegal in the first place, but the fact that it didn't become legal until 1967 just blows my mind!! That's almost within my own lifetime.

Lovely, lovely photos! You have a beautiful family! And like others have said - baby Keiko is the dead spit of you when you were wee (sunny smile included)!
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Baby Nanila was adorable! And spookily similar to Baby Keiki.