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([personal profile] nanila Jun. 9th, 2017 09:02 am)
Dear 18-25 year old voters,
It's an omnishambles of a result and it's going to take months to sort out. But OMG well done all of you for turning up - an estimated 72% of you - and confounding the initial expectations for this general election. Keep it up. You swung it. I'm so pleased for you.

Dear people in power,
See that letter up above? Start paying attention, start thinking long-term and start putting in place policies that aren't going to screw over their futures.
Kiss kiss bye bye,
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That ~10% drop in UKIP votes warmed my heart. Hope in these dark times.
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A lot of those joined the Conservatives... that's interesting in many ways.

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I am so delighted for you all, because I know so many folks who were flatly terrified and fearing of a Tory landslide. And they didn't get that nonsense, I gather! It's some other nonsense, I am sure, but... not the worst case that everyone was bracing for? And for that, I am terribly glad. <3
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It's like the sound of the cavalry coming over the hill, to turn the tide of the battle. And just maybe the war? Young people don't read the tabloids ...
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And so badly needed - the Keele story last night was a shocker, especially when you see the size of the majority.

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She blew it!

Tee hee! :o)

And as you say, well done the young'uns!

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And now the horse-trading begins...

One disadvantage of this, we're going to have days if not weeks of breathless [and baseless] speculation wrapped up as 'news' in the media.

Still, at least the Tories are unlikely to form a government. They'd need a partner to do that, and after what happened to the LibDems last time, nobody is likely to hold their noses and touch that idea with a barge-pole.

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And now we may well have the DUP, aka the right-wing of the Puritan Party & the political wing of the UDA (the Protestant/Unionist equivalent of the IRA) in coalition with control-freak St Theresa. Lovely.

The one consolation with that would be that it shouldn't take too many of the less-extreme Tories to rebel in order to sink anything especially loony. I hope. Please.

And as someone on Twitter pointed out, "To be fair Theresa May warned of coalition of chaos propped up by extremist terrorist sympathisers. She just didn't say she'd be leading it."
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Well done indeed! I can't say I understand most of the bits about why May gets to form a government when she lost her majority, but am reading BBC and learning a lot.

I'm delighted that the thing meant to give her more of a sense of inevitability has kicked her feet out from underneath, instead.

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Good on the youngsters! It's an interesting result. I'm not sure "result" is quite the right term! More of a case of watch this space to see what happens.
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SNP were always going to lose seats. Holding 95% of the seats not a thing that happens. I am glad not all the losses went to the Tories and more than that I am SUPER HAPPY my MP retained for SNP. He and his partner are wonderful people. And on a personal note I have done so much footwork recently and got SO WET that I am glad 'we won'. :P Miffed SKYnews called it as 'Linlithgow' and not 'Linlithgow and Falkirk East' Because I have walked over a hell of a lot of that second bit with highly suspect maps in hand!

I am SO proud of my fellow youth, especially in England. The Scottish youth have been not too bad over the past couple of elections but wow that red surge. I think many feared Corbyn's registrations would not result in actual votes as we have seen similar things before so that was awesome.

DUP though. I mean....WOW.

But then Cantebury! Tory since the Great Reform act of 1830! Now Labour!

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My goodness, what we could do in the States with that kind of turnout.

Well done, youngsters. You have made things less terrible than they could have been.
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It was a wondrous and joyful thing to witness! I hope they can keep it up when the next, soon and inevitable, general election happens.