Telstar ensures that no human may come down the stairs with their toes unmolested.
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I'd love to have my toes attacked by such a cute kitty!
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I would prefer toe molestation to my own cat's incessant yowls when I am preparing her food out of her sight.
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From: [personal profile] ayebydan is HIS house? You just live there, come on :P
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Oh, no, my toes just curled up in terror! What a stair-monster.
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He's so handsome, but I can see so much evil toe-molestation in his eyes and heart!
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... that staircase is quite vertiginous and has no guard-rail. I am alarmed.
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Toe molestation is a very important part of household feline duties. Well done Telstar!
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He looks fierce, and as if some toes probably got molested right after this photo was taken.

(Muffin is a stair-monster too. Good cat.)