...so here, have a photo from yesterday evening instead of hearing me moan about that.

[Humuhumu and Keiki in their swimming costume & swim nappy respectively, eating ice creams in the paddling pool.]
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Heh. We have conclusive proof of summer. =:o}

This brings back memories of seeing my young self flickering on a screen at Nana and Deeda's place, toddling along a garden path towards the camera with a precariously angled ice cream cone, until the ice cream suddenly drops off, and little Paul's face screws up in frustration... Wherupon Deeda would stop the cine projector and flip it into reverse. Hey presto: Little Paul's face clears as the ice cream jumps up to land neatly back into the cone, and Paul then toddles merrily backwards up the path. =:o}

Are those canes behind Humuhumu for growing raspberries? We used to get home-grown raspberries decorating our weekend post-lunch ice cream quite often. =:o}


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