In the second installment of Weird Metal Contraptions I Was Placed In As A Baby, I give you my baby bouncer. At least this one features floral print fabrics instead of black leather like my high chair. The bouncer was modified by my grandfather (also pictured) so that he could bounce me with minimal effort. We’re on the lanai (porch) in my grandparents’ house in Honolulu, here.
My apologies that it took so long for me to follow up on this. The nominees for paid account time on Dreamwidth have been put into the virtual hat, and the Random Thing Picker has chosen the recipients.

These are:

12 months of paid account time for [personal profile] sillymouse.
6 months of paid account time for [personal profile] hollymath and [personal profile] lilysea.

Thank you to all those who participated!


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