Achievement Unlocked #1: Humuhumu has discovered reading to herself, in her head, for pleasure. The first book she chose for this was the Usborne book we bought at the Sun exhibition, Sun, Moon and Stars. (No Oxford comma in the title. Not that this bothers me. Nope.)

This is her reading it on the train to Brum this weekend, sitting next to her cousin.

Achievement Unlocked #2: Keiki has figured out how to drive the tablet on his own, without his sister's help.

This is him creating his own world in the Toca Blocks app. You may notice that there is a lot of green involved. Care to guess his favourite colour?

Achievement Unlocked #3: I'm not sure this counts as an "achievement", but Keiki has also discovered falling asleep in front of the television.

He's using the cuddly toy version of the Rosetta and Philae spacecraft as a pillow. Possibly he dreamt of flying around a comet, but it's more likely to have been a bucket of infinite sweeties.
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Adorable! All three. Humuhumu looks so engrossed in her book.
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Oh, hooray for both of them and their shared newfound abilities.
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Awww <3
Also: Go, Humuhumu! Welcome to the world that sometimes ends up making your nights very short ...! (Says the person who only got 5 hours this night because book ...)
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Yay for Humuhumu. (Nico has just about reached this stage - he spent a lot of the weekend's Tedious Travel working through a Choose Your Own Adventure book featuring Doctor Who. It was great.)
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oh that is the best thing!!!