Yes, even after an entire year, I am still playing Pokémon Go. Not with the regularity that I used to, but both the gym re-vamp and the recent special events revived my interest. You can actually win gym battles as a solitary player again because all the gyms aren’t stuffed full of Dragonites and Gyarados! And the raid battles get you cool stuff! And the coin rewards are way better.

Also, it took 53 weeks, but I finally hatched a Snorlax from a 10km (reduced to 3.3 km during the most recent fest) egg. I love it so much. Adorable cuddly Snorlax.

Perhaps even more unbelievably, I am also still playing Neko Atsume. There was an update recently adding two more Normal and one Rare cat, and also new toys, which are very suited to the Sugary and Café Styles.

Abyssrium has also recently revived my interest with special event fish and the new “fusion fish”. The appearance of the latter interfered somewhat with my goal of finishing off Levels 1 through 3 of the Collections (Level 4 is pretty much impossible until you get to ridiculously high levels). I have just a few more Vampire Squid to make before I’m done with Level 3 and then I can collect the rest of the fusion fish.

I’ve completed Magikarp Jump’s Ultra League, the eighth and last. One of my tiny satisfactions has been ensuring that the Magikarp who win the leagues have appropriate names. For instance, Stitch won the Great League and Lilo won the Fast League. You have one guess who won the Ultra League.

The bloke discovered a game that we both like called Samorost 3, while searching for a replacement puzzle game for the beautiful and creepy “The Room” series that we both completed. The artwork in Samorost 3 is wonderful and the puzzles are possibly even more cryptic than in The Room, although apparently not if you’re four and have been playing touch-screen-based games for your entire life. We got stuck on something and Humuhumu figured it out in about five minutes, thereby making us feel both old and incredibly thick. Thank you, child.

Anyway, Samorost 3 features an elfin creature in a nightcap wandering around through a strangely organically populated space. There are comets and planets and asteroids, but they are all shaped like seeds or bulbs or tree trunks. You run around exploring, using your trumpet to hear music and sounds that give you clues about the puzzle you must solve to keep your spaceship moving and complete the narrative. It’s lovely to look at and very absorbing. It’s also not free. Still, highly recommended.

Gratuitous pictures of gameplay under the cut.

The rather busy 1st anniversary Abyssrium birthday theme. New friend: Balloon Clownfish

Bunbury got some advice from a passionate jumper. Mog’s JP got a nice boost, thanks to all that training.

Whiteshadow appears in the Neko Atsume garden.

Hermeowne appears in the Neko Atsume garden.


How's everyone else's summer gameplay going? Anyone else still playing PokéGo?
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From: [personal profile] kaberett

I am still playing! And need to make a post about it -- tl;dr while doing the Big Raids I have ended up joining a WhatsApp group of a bunch of other local people, and now we all coordinate to Catch Pokemans and I am... making... friends...?
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From: [personal profile] euphrosyna

That's not how legendary raids work so he was telling some fibs! You can only catch them with the balls you win in the raid and you only get about 10 of them!
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From: [personal profile] angrboda

Also still playing Pokemon Go. At work Glasses and I have super-bonded over it, actually. We got on really well before, but even more so now. I really like that you can only have one of each kind of pokemon in a gym now. There's SO much more variety when you look in them now and I've seen pokemons in gyms that I've never seen in one before ever. Greatly enjoying that!

Occasionally also still playing Neko Atsume, but mostly when I remember. I saw there were new cats and have been visited by one of the normals, but not while I saw it so I still don't know what it looks like.
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From: [personal profile] davidgillon

I've mostly been playing Crusader Kings - in which you play a dynasty in medieval Eurasia (the map stops just east of India, and also includes North Africa and the Northern edge of Sub-Saharan Africa). Playing as the Rurikids, the dynasty who founded Russia, and after 340 years of gameplay, I finally achieved both my aims at the weekend and was able to switch from tribalism to feudal government, and declare my kingdom the Empire of Gardariki (one of the historical precursor kingdoms to modern Russia), which is a nice culmination to the 50 year reign of Thorboldr the Confessor.
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From: [personal profile] silveradept

Oh, those new characters look adorable. I am also jealous of your Snorlax. I have yet to be able to hatch one, and now I have to find a group of people at some point to try and collect the legendary birds.
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From: [personal profile] pax_athena

Snorlaxes are still my favorites - they are just so cute, especially when they scratch their bellies :D

I wish I had more time to join raid battles - perhaps on the weekend. They do happen in the evenings but alas, summer is the time when I work best, so I have to make use of this.

Definitely enjoying the new gym system more. Plus they seem to added some more gyms? Both when they re-vamped the system and later. There is now an extra one super close to where I live.
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From: [personal profile] lurkingcat

I'm still playing PokéGo. And Neko Atsume. And Abyssrium because Penguins :)

Congratulations on your Snorlax! They always look so furry and comfortable, as if curling up one might provide a really good night's sleep.

I'm failing at legendary raids because I don't know enough people to actually form a successful team. But I have high hopes of eventually defeating and capturing enough Croconaw to evolve one up. I'm really enjoying the variety of Pokémon in gyms now as well. Someone left a Shuckle in one of the Arnos Vale Cemetery gyms and it lasted well over a day because I don't think anyone had the heart to battle it :)
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From: [personal profile] euphrosyna

Meeeee! I'm loving the raid battles and having nerd meet ups for them. I have all three legendary birds. Hoping to catch a Zapdos but I probably won't manage it because I'm going on holidays.
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From: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd

Congrats on your Snorlax! I'm still playing Pokemon Go, although I actually don't like the gym update at all. I'm what the game considers kind of rural (although I'm not rural at all), so I'm not in easy walking distance of any gyms, and it used to be when I was occasionally near a gym I could plunk a Pokemon in and get coins occasionally (like, every few weeks at most). That's gone now. I haven't been able to do any raid battles because there's no way I can plan for them, and so the legendaries are completely out of reach for me. And I'm still better off than people who are actually rural because I'm around gyms every few weeks and do have a Pokestop within a ten-minute walk. (Sigh.)
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From: [personal profile] gorgeousnerd

Oof, sorry about the Pokestop. I do have at least a couple stops a little closer than that? I only ever get to the one two blocks away, but I'm way lucky to have that.

I don't know what it is about the gyms, but there seem to be fewer for my team than in the past and every single one of them is full when I go up to them. I've basically been spinning the stop and feeding the Pokemon berries for the medal when I do see my team's, and then I go on with my day.
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From: [personal profile] shirou

I love PoGo. My wife and I drag the kids out to go on raids. The new gym/raid system has plusses and minuses, but on the whole I like it because now I know a lot of the regular players in my neighborhood. I didn't know any of them before the change.
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From: [personal profile] st_aurafina

The Legendary raids are making me go and meet people. I am deeply, deeply confused by this, but so far it's been okay.

I went to check out Samarost because I loved the Room series, and it's by Amanita - have you played their other games? Machinarium is adorable and so is Botanicula, and the puzzles are really weird and clever. And so pretty.
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From: [personal profile] uninvitedcat

I am occasionally opening PG - mainly because I am doing so much more walking right now and I can hatch eggs! But the power drain is a bit of an issue. I also still open Neko Atsume and feed the cats!

Other games I am playing include Atomas, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Bloons Tower Defence 5HD, Fishdom, Trism, Threes, Smash Hit, 1010! and of course, Plague Inc. Plus the occasional dip into World of Goo and Contre jour.

Huh. I play more games than I thought I did!
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From: [personal profile] uninvitedcat

Sadly, mR doesn't like board games and as a household of 2... But the electronic games are fun, and thank you for flagging up what you're playing. You've given me some excellent recs!
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From: [personal profile] ayebydan

I love pokemon! I just hate that where I tend to go these days has the same pokemon that I have already evolved so useless. And if I am in the city the GPS freaks out and struggles to play properly. Balanced pokestops are needed. I got my Nidoqueen on my tea break yesterday. Had to hold in the excitement :P
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From: [personal profile] mysterysquid

I've got an LJ friend who posts Neko Atsume screenshots occasionally.
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I just started playing Abyssrium again too. I find that game very cute, but I get overwhelmed with how expensive the fish are. I don't play enough to ever finish the events. :( I ended up buying that "long press" perk so I don't have to ever tap the screen again. (Haha, when I was on vacation I usually woke up before my husband, so I'd slip my phone under his hand so it would active that long press while I took a shower. Laziness to the max!)
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From: [personal profile] azurelunatic

I don't play that one myself, but that is so clever.
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From: [personal profile] azurelunatic

Belovedest and I keep seeing something that we term "Pokémon prayer circles" of a Sunday morning -- people standing around in a circle in parking lots and such, with their phones out. It's neat and we are delighted by the connection factor.
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From: [personal profile] pax_athena

You comment just made my morning a little bit brighter <3