Owl butterfly (Caligo eurylochus) feeding on banana
[Owl butterfly (Caligo eurylochus) feeding on a banana.]
Tropical Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) butterfly
[Tropical Blue Morpho (Morpho peleides) butterfly, at rest underneath a waterfall.]
White tropical butterfly
[White tropical butterfly perched on a fake (!) white orchid.]
Heliconius (?) butterfly
[Black tropical butterfly (Heliconius?) with red and white accents, perched on a cluster of small orange flowers.]
Malachite butterfly
[Malachite butterfly perched on a leaf at the Schmetterlinghaus, Vienna.]
Ladybird in toddler hands
I took this macro shot in July, when we went for a walk in a protected meadow nearby. Humuhumu was so careful with this ladybird, cupping it gently in her hands on its tuft of grass seed and then placing it back on a leaf when she was finished looking at it.
HRH Telstar
HRH Telstar presiding over the picnic table.
Sorry guys, I've been working almost every night for the past couple of weeks. I got nothin'. Except cute baby photos.

Midwest love from the West Midlands

Here he is in the garden, wearing his Midwest Love onesie from [livejournal.com profile] dizzykj, which works nicely in the West Midlands as well.

Yay watering can

And here he is, still in the garden, still in the onesie, with a watering can. Sometimes I don't know why we bother to buy toys. He played with that can for a good 45 minutes. There isn't much else that holds his attention for that long at this age.
Small tortoiseshell, yellow dahlia
[Small tortoiseshell butterfly sitting on a yellow dahlia]

[personal profile] redsixwing asked for a bug photo or a combination bug/selfie photo. I couldn't find one of the latter in the archives, and it's cold/wet/horrible outside today so I'm choosing instead one that I took at the height of summer. We were visiting the bloke's parents in Norfolk, and up by their swimming pool they have a spectacular collection of roses and dahlias which were all in full bloom and laden with butterflies. Its bright colours cheered me up on this dull grey December day.
nanila: wrong side of the mirror (me: wrong side of the mirror)
( Apr. 11th, 2015 09:11 pm)
Poor Telstar. He hardly gets a look in these days. Competing with Humuhumu and Keiki is tough.

Today he decided to put on a bit of a show, and as it's Caturday, it's a good time to share.

Yes, yes, it's a macro lens. Whoopdedoo. Why exactly is it in my face, again?

Yawning and stretching. )