Cars & Daddy on a bicycle
In this drawing by Humuhumu, done in purple pen, you see two cars on the left and Humuhumu's Daddy on a bicycle on the right. These are the things Daddy likes to do: driving, riding bicycles, and driving us to places where we can all ride our bicycles.

Dashi from Octonauts
In this drawing by Humuhumu in the lower left and upper right, you see renditions of Dashi, the dachsund from the BBC children's show Octonauts, in light blue marker pen. The octopod is partially visible in the upper left, as is "Dashi nose practise" in the lower right.

Dashi is Humuhumu's favourite Octonaut. Here is the description of Dashi from the Octonauts web site, emphasis mine. Dashi is a smart dachshund / sausage dog who oversees operations in the Octopod HQ and launch bay. She monitors the computer systems and manages all ship traffic. She's also the Octonauts' official photographer and enjoys taking photos of undersea life.

....Oh. Ah. Huh.
A few months ago, I bought a couple of drawings from the talented natural history illustrator [ profile] ginasketch. I took them to a framer in Cambridge, hemmed and hawed over colours and widths, and left them there for several weeks.

I picked them up today, and they look brilliant.

Potoo by [ profile] ginasketch

One more from Gina + a contribution from Little Niece )

More of Gina's work can be viewed here.
nanila: me (pretty boys licking each other)
( Apr. 10th, 2005 05:32 pm)
In the absence of any brilliance of my own - and if you don't agree that I'm usually brilliant I will cry like a relatively minor Harry Potter character who has been given a personality by a rabid fan-fic writer purely for the purpose of having someone to sodomize with Voldemort's broomstick - I will simply opt to gloat because I recently received a hand-drawn postcard from [ profile] hristaesir and it seriously rocked.

Take a few minutes to peruse her artwork at her site by clicking on the image below. Oh, and if you have the urge to steal any of her work and get it tattooed on your body? That's like, so three months ago.

And now, it is time for another episode of Crudely Drawn Comic. Number seven.

(Previous six viewable here.)