Here is Keiki with our first radish harvest from our garden:
He ate all of his. Humuhumu found them too peppery.

Here are Keiki and Humuhumu eating ice creams. Humuhumu is dressed as a pirate princess (outfit concept all hers). Keiki is dressed in one of the two shirts that don't cause him to start screaming as soon as you put it on him, holey black trousers and a single croc.

And here is Telstar defeating a stick whilst lounging in the porch of the tent in our garden.
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( Jan. 21st, 2017 03:25 pm)
Telstar shows us how to enjoy the weekend, even though Keiki is quite ill and Humuhumu is missing her daddy, who's away on a research trip until Monday.
Talk to the paw
Telstar lounging on our bed in the afternoon sun.
Handsomest cat
Telstar in the light from sunrise, sitting nobly tall on the dining table.

(A day early, yes, but goodness knows the internet could use more cat pictures ASAP)
You know that feeling when you're bobbling around in the kitchen preparing breakfast, still bleary with sleep, and the child you've set down on the floor goes quiet and you forget that quiet == ominous?

So you're pouring the hot water into the cafetiere, and you remember to look down, and you see your toddler is playing with the cat food. And you panic momentarily until you realise he's picking up all the scattered kibble and put it back in the bowl for the cat, which is rather sweet, although you make a mental note to wash his hands before you put him in his high chair for breakfast.

The cat comes in and weaves in and out of your legs, purring and mewling for his gooshy food. You tell him he'll have to wait because you're making the preschooler's porridge. The cat goes to his kibble bowl and stops trying to trip you, so you forget about him and the toddler again.

You come back in from putting coffee cups and vitamins on the dining table and you see the toddler having an animated and one-sided conversation with the cat, who is taking bits of kibble from the toddler's fingers. You stop to smile at this scene, until you see that the toddler is alternately feeding one bit of kibble to the cat and the next to...himself.

You gently pick up the toddler, say, "No, Keiki, the kibble is for the cat. It is not a good pre-breakfast snack. Let's wash your hands and wipe your mouth, shall we?"

It's a very special feeling, the one where the façade of calm is masking the internal screams of horror, isn't it?
HRH Telstar
HRH Telstar presiding over the picnic table.
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( Apr. 2nd, 2016 08:15 pm)
World's least comfortable pillow
[Telstar using what looks like the world's least comfortable pillow.]

Today did not get off to a promising start. It was freezing and sodden and for some reason we decided to put on our waterproofs and go do Parkrun (or more accurately, "Parkswim") for the first time since last year. We ran some errands, came home, ate lunch, looked out the window and suddenly it was sunny and warm enough to work in the garden in t-shirts. So we spent the rest of the day outside. Telstar circled us while we dug, pruned and weeded. He had a dirt bath. He lounged in the grass. He lounged on the bench. He lounged on top of the shed. And then, he lounged in the position photographed above, on top of some scratchy blue tarpaulin with a rough stone for a pillow, just to remind us that cats are capable of taking their ease literally anywhere.
Telstar in garden, with children
Telstar in the garden, upstaging the children.
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( Mar. 21st, 2016 02:37 pm)
The weather was cold and bright this weekend. On Sunday, we met in a local park with friends from our NCT classes and their children, who are almost exactly the same age as Humuhumu and Keiki. The first is two weeks older than Humuhumu and the second is a week younger than Keiki. So everyone has a "best friend", in the popular parlance of the three-year-olds, which works out nicely.

We spent the afternoon gardening, which mostly consisted of filling up the compost bin, the garden waste bin and several buckets, as well as making an enormous pile of brambles down the end for a bonfire. It looks a lot clearer, but who knows when we'll get the time, energy and money together to plant things to replace all the weeds and overgrowth we demolished. Anyway, there was a lovely golden hour at the end of the day, so we took some bread and went for a canalside amble.

Waiting for the ducks to turn up
[Humuhumu inspects the bread, sitting on Daddy's lap by the canal and waiting for the ducks to turn up.]

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HRH Telstar
[Telstar standing on the back of our wooden bench.]
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( Mar. 12th, 2016 10:28 pm)
Towpath walk 1

The photo above illustrates why, even though I take a bajillion photos a week, there are so few of me that aren't phone selfies. The taking of it went something like this. For context and those who aren't familiar with canal locks, the white-and-black wooden thing at the side of the frame next to Humuhumu is the bottom lock paddle. Hence, at the time this photo was taken, she was approaching a rather steep drop on the towpath.

"Honey, can you take a photo of Keiki and me?"
[Bloke takes camera, steps back.]
"No, not with the sun behind us!"
[Bloke steps quickly to the other side of us on the towpath, snaps two photos, runs toward me and shoves the camera back into my hands.]
[Bloke dashes to Humuhumu and stops her from careering wildly down the slope on her balance bike.]

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And finally, because it's Caturday, Telstar lording it over the garden.
Regal Cat