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nanila: me (me: ooh!, ooh)

Sauntering Vaguely Downward

Into the land of lowered expectations

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Created on 2009-04-24 05:52:06 (#119376), last updated 2017-03-24 (5 days ago)

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Name:Mad Scientess
Birthdate:Sep 22
Short version: I'm a very technical girl.

Long version: I'm a newly minted dual national who has been living and working in England for the past nine years. Most of my posts centre around the following themes: navel-gazing, my travels in Europe and beyond, my creative efforts in painting and photography, space science, volunteer work in physics outreach to kids at secondary school level through a variety of schemes, and commuting on public transport. I'm a devoted catmother, so the occasional post consisting entirely of cat photos will appear.

I am hapa, in the lingo of my home state (Hawai'i). To be precise, half Filipino (father) and half Northern European mutt (mother). I am still coming to terms with my multiethnic identity as I try to disentangle its effects on my experiences. Particularly since most white people who look at me assume that I'm white. In less enlightened times, I believe this would be known as "passing". As part of the process of coping with this, I post little bios and photos of renowned persons of colour to the [community profile] multibeautiful community.

I Tweet, Flickr and cross-post to LiveJournal under the same username. I'm pretty open to making new friends, especially here on DW. If you add me to your reading and/or access lists, I'm very likely to reciprocate. If I subscribed to you seemingly at random, it wasn't - someone recommended your journal to me. I rarely drop people from my subscription list unless they've stopped using DW for at least a year. I'll add you back immediately if you decide to pick up using it again. Just let me know.

I try very, very hard to reply to every comment I receive and to comment often on others' posts. It's important to me to be as interactive as possible. I don't comment on my Circle's journals as often as I would like simply due to time constraints, but please know that I'm always reading. I don't expect a reciprocal level of commitment to commenting. If you rarely have the spoons to comment, I don't mind.

Admin note: This is a personal blog, not a professional one. It's about me. It's not about my job. If you want to know exactly what my job is, please ask.

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