We're home from Iceland. I have many photos and stories to share, but since the bloke & I spent a lot of time Walking Along Beaches At Sunset Whilst Holding Hands (no really), let me share two anecdotes from those beautiful moments.

Him: It's cold. Let's go back.
Me: Come on! We have a whole town to explore. Where's your adventuring spirit? Think of your fellow Britons. Would Captain Scott have turned back because it was a bit nippy?
Him: Captain Scott froze to death in the world's biggest desert.
Me: OK...um...Captain Cook, then! No, hang on...*
Him: pointed stare
Me: Er, sorry, bad example. There has to be at least one British adventurer who wasn't killed by his exploits.
Him, after a lengthy pause: Well, there was Livingstone**-
Me, in blissful ignorance: There you go!
Him: - but he died of malaria.
Me: sigh


Him: hums the tune to Women of the world/Take over/Because if you don't/The world/Will come to an end***
Me: begins singing the words
Him: No, I'm singing "[personal profile] nanilas of the world/Take over..."
Me: You don't want that. It would be nothing but cake, kittens and attractively decaying cemeteries.

* Captain Cook: Killed by the native Hawai'ians. Oh irony, could you have prompted a better example? I think not.
** David Livingstone: Scottish explorer and anti-slavery crusader.
*** See: Ivor Cutler - Women of the World
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From: [personal profile] ironed_orchid

Is it smug or scary if I tell you that I got the killed by Hawai'ians reference, and why it was lulzy before seeing your footnote?

In my defense, I've lived in Australia and NZ most of my life, and the journeys of Captain Cook are pretty much history 101 around here.

From: [personal profile] floating_coffin

"It would be nothing but cake, kittens and attractively decaying cemeteries."

Sounds good to me! Where do I sign up?


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