This morning, at 8:27 AM outside Gloucester Road tube station, on the corner of Cromwell Road, I saw the most amazing ass in the world.

Its possessor was a short woman with dark, shoulder-length hair, a tan jacket, low black pumps, curvy calves and a deep sapphire-blue skirt that ended several modest inches below the amazing ass. She also possessed a cheeky grin, which I noticed when she turned her head to check the traffic. But the ass was what held my attention. And the attention of nearly every other creature passing her, as far as I could tell. It wasn't just its perfect proportion, nor the skirt, which had clearly been created solely to garnish this wonderful ass. It was the motion of it. As she strode purposefully along, one cheek would gyrate upwards and then splash gently against the other, executing a captivating wiggle as the movement transferred smoothly to the other. I believe the expression "two kittens fighting in a paper sack" is often used to describe such an action, but this was far more graceful, rhythmic and coherent. It was a beautiful thing to watch.

A sharply dressed man standing on the pavement wheeled around to extend his appreciation time of the magnificent ass. I caught his eye as I passed him and we both smiled guiltily. He lifted his eyebrows to the sun and let out a soft whistle. "Uh huh," I said. We laughed and moved on in opposite directions.
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I have been blessed from time to time in that I have witnessed similar arses, but this one sounds like a particularly fine example.


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