Keiki squats down to look at the fish in the polar bear enclosure at the Vienna Tiergarten.

The Schoenbrunn should definitely make the top ten of every visitor attraction list of Vienna, if not the top three. It’s the gigantic former summer palace of the Hapsburgs, and the grounds alone merit at least a half-day stroll to explore fully. There are gardens, fountains, hidden playgrounds, an enormous glasshouse full of palm trees, and even a zoo.

Despite having visited the Schoenbrunn grounds many times, I’d never been to the zoo, which is allegedly the oldest in the Western world (founded in 1752). Now, with two small children, one of whom is animal-obsessed, I had good reason to go. The children and I set out early one morning to travel via the Viennese underground to the palace.

Humuhumu was keen to learn how to navigate the transport system. She got very good at spotting the way to the correct train lines, and proudly announced when the next train would be arriving after we got to the platforms.

It took us 45 minutes to get from our temporary abode to the Schoenbrunn and, conveniently, it was just about Cake O’clock when we arrived. We detoured around the palace entrance and stopped off at an Aida Konditorei, a chain of inexplicably pink cafés that serve extremely nice cakes, coffees and hot chocolates (apart from the one near the opera house – avoid that one; everyone who works there is sick of tourists and very grumpy).

We walked into the Aida and chorused “Guten Morgen” at the round-faced, unsmiling woman behind the counter. She broke into a beaming grin and showed us to the table next to a tiny play area containing toys and books, which the children pounced upon. (Throughout the trip, I encouraged the children to greet everyone we met in German, to say please and thank you in German, to order their food using the German words and, when I felt confident in my knowledge of the right phrases, I coached them to make requests in German. I was astonished at the abundance of goodwill toward us that this produced.) Humuhumu ordered her hot chocolate and cake in German, and was rewarded with an additional pink meringue, which she received with an unprompted “Danke schoen”. When we left, Keiki crowing “Wiedersehen” over my shoulder with his dimpliest smile, the server came out from round the counter and gave each of the children an extra biscuit, which, to be honest, they didn’t really need after all that sugar!

Full of energy, we bounded into the grounds of the Schoenbrunn and raced around whilst waiting for the grandparents to join us at the entrance to the Tiergarten (Zoo). As vast as the Schoenbrunn grounds are, they are not big enough to house a comprehensive collection of the world’s animals, so cleverly the Tiergarten is focused on a limited number of species and provided them with luxurious accommodation.

Keiki and Humuhumu loved the place, particularly Keiki. Once he spotted the meerkat enclosure, we couldn’t get him to finish his lunch. Neither could we readily tear him away from the penguins. In fact, Granddad had a bit of a job keeping Keiki from clambering into their pond to join them. We communed with the seals. We watched a polar bear chewing meditatively on a traffic cone. And, of course, Humuhumu found a climbing wall and had to try everything.

It was a wonderful place to spend a sunny afternoon, and we will certainly return to the Tiergarten on our next trip to Vienna.

Further photos beneath the cut.

Humuhumu with “an aeroplane” she built out of the toys at Aida, looking at a picture book in German.

Keiki eats his meringue first.

Humuhumu decides to save her meringue, eat her truffeltorte and then move on to the hot chocolate.

Red panda
Red panda munches leaves.

Keiki and a meerkat.

Meerkats gonna meerkat.

Like that, yep.

Underwater seal ballet. You must imagine the cries of delight from Keiki over this.

‘Allo, seal.


Penguin is Not Pleased that tasty dandelion is on the other side of the glass.

Polar bear
Polar bear from below, having a little drink.

Polar bear
Polar bear really loves its traffic cone.

Polar bear
I mean that is one delicious traffic cone.

Climbing wall
Humuhumu must climb everything, but especially this lizard-themed climbing wall.

Climbing wall
Keiki, otoh, is more interested in riding the lizard with Humuhumu. Granddad looks on with amusement.

Climbing wall
Keiki warns the bigger children not to even think about riding HIS lizard.
purplecthulhu: (Default)

From: [personal profile] purplecthulhu

The IAU General Assembly is in Vienna next year. I may need to ask your advice on places to visit if I go!
novel_machinist: (Default)

From: [personal profile] novel_machinist

"She got very good at spotting the way to the correct train lines, and proudly announced when the next train would be arriving after we got to the platforms."


Also EEEE polar bears

Also, yeah, I think they really needed that extra biscuit XD
ankaret: Picture of flowers (Flowers)

From: [personal profile] ankaret


Keiki is clearly going to be either a marine biologist or a lizard rider.
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From: [personal profile] white_hart

We went to the Tiergarten when we visited Vienna a few years ago, and thought it was very exciting because they had PANDAS!
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From: [personal profile] lurkingcat

Penguins! I totally understand Keiki's desire to climb into their pond with them.

I love the Allo Seal pic too :)
silveradept: A kodama with a trombone. The trombone is playing music, even though it is held in a rest position (Default)

From: [personal profile] silveradept

That looked like an enjoyable day for all involved. Wish there were those kind of places really accessible in the States.
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From: [personal profile] paw_prints

I have been to Vienna and loved it, but I haven't been to The Schoenbrunn. It looks and sounds wonderful. Vienna is on my list of places I'd like to go back to and explore better, and I shall add that to the "must go" list. :)

Loved this post! Thoroughly enjoyed the photos and reading about your adventures. How lovely you taught the kids to converse in German. I'm not surprised the staff were so charmed. You have the most awesome kids Nanila.
st_aurafina: Rainbow DNA (Default)

From: [personal profile] st_aurafina

I love that particular toddler crouch Keiki is doing when he's looking at the fish - you know, when they're so intent on something? I'm glad they both had such a great time in Vienna, and go you for encouraging them to use German while you were there. It's a good lesson in diplomacy.
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From: [personal profile] mysterysquid

Love the lizard wall!

An attempt at their language will go a long way pretty much anywhere I think.