[Image of a fluxgate magnetometer in its housing with its frayed MLI-coated cable curled round it. The destroyed connectors can be seen. The whole assembly is sitting on top of an antistatic envelope. The sensor housing reads: "CLUSTER-FGM SENSOR 08 FM1", where FM means "flight model".]

I gave an outreach talk at an open day this morning, to about a hundred A-level students, their parents and their teachers. The talk was focused on the Cassini end-of-mission science, but I managed to sneak in this bit of space history when explaining what a magnetometer does.

The fluxgate in the photo above actually went into space for a few brief seconds. It got about 5 km up before it was unceremoniously returned to the Earth. The Ariane 5 rocket that launched the spacecraft whose payload it was part of had exploded, showering the swamps of French Guiana with wreckage.

This sensor sat in that swamp for a good few weeks before a French Foreign Legionnaire fished it out.

I'm afraid that being blown up and mouldering in a tropical pond was, in fact, enough to kill it, but it's still a pretty cool object, and the students seemed to like seeing it very much.
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Now that is a space artifact. I've seen flight spares, and (successfully returned) shuttle payloads. Also a little UV telescope once flown on the X-15. But this...
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That is so cool. And somehow, landing in a swamp and getting found by a legionnaire makes it even more cool.
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Industrial archaeology of a sort and you know me and industrial archaeology! :o)
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That is a very cool little piece of space history.
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Ooh, awesome.

Also, how good is Grimes? And she's what - twelve?
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I'm totally geeking out! Very, very cool! Doubly so that it has such an unusual history...
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Neat SPACE object there! Maybe that helped show off the coolness of STEM to several of the women and girls in the crowd.
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It looks well reserved given what it went through. (Not that I know anything about fluxgate magnetometers!)
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I am unreasonably pleased that a flux magnetometer is a true thing, given the iconicity of the "flux capacitor" in SF (Back to the future movies; it was the MacGuffin enabling time travel).