I'm frantically trying to finish a bunch of work before I go on holiday for two weeks in July, so time for blog is very limited. I'm hoping to have lots of leisurely catch-up time to post things like photos from Vienna and Spain.

Worst thing that happened today: I forgot my glasses on the counter by the mirrors in the ladies' toilets at Birmingham New Street Station. I realised this at exactly the moment my train to London was moving away from the platform.

Best thing that happened today: I received an e-mail alert titled "hggggggfgfg", which I assumed meant, "ALERT: Engineer's Cat Has Walked Across Their Keyboard." It was later claimed that this alert was issued because of "testing", which I can only mean "testing for robustness of cat-proof-ness", a test which the system has surely failed.

In conclusion, I give you the most recent studio portraits that nursery had done of the children (late April).
[Studio portrait of Humuhumu and Keiki smiling together. Humuhumu has her peach-framed glasses on.]
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Don't they both look grown-up?!
I hope you get your glasses back before too long.
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So are you convinced yet about wearing your glasses on a chain? (-:
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From: [personal profile] bryangb

That reminds me I need some of those.

But all this is just one of several reasons I long ago switched to contacts...
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There's a small script for linux that will detect cat-like typing and flash an alert [you can set it to host only and scare the cat away].

It keeps getting pulled from github because it throws too many false positives with scandic languages.
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Gorgeous photo, gorgeous kids. :)

That's a bummer about your glasses! I hope they were handed in.