I have been outrageously busy at work this week and I don't have the brain to string these together into a proper narrative. My apologies. So: Have a series of happy photos from the past week or so.

[Keiki with freshly dug potatoes in his fist, ready to deposit them in one of the two white bowls in front of him.]

We ate our first potato harvest tonight. Yum!

[Humuhumu and Keiki eating twisty fruity ice lollies whilst sitting on the edge of the paddling pool.]

This scene has been repeating daily for about a week, sometimes more than once.

[Keiki with “his” big green John Deere tractor at the Three Counties show in Malvern.]

[Keiki and Mummy enjoying the sun at the Three Counties show.]

[Two tyrannosaurs and a spinosaurus noshing on the passengers in the upper deck of a wooden London bus. This is what happens after the children go to bed and the parents start drinking in the front room with all the toys.]

[Keiki sitting on Daddy’s lap on a canal lock gate during one of our evening walks along the towpath.

[The pub viewed from beneath the neighbouring bridge, in the early morning light at the start of my commute to London.]
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