Humuhumu: “Keiki, are you a boy?”
Keiki: “No!”
Humuhumu: “Keiki, are you a girl?”
Keiki: “No!”
Humuhumu: “What are you, Keiki?”
Keiki: “I’m a KEI-KI.” syllables of name drawn out emphatically

[Humuhumu and Keiki in the bath, giving themselves bubble beards.]
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That's adorable! Cute picture too. Look at that cheeky grin!!
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He-he! =:o}

Is that a small bath, or a large sink? [NOSEY GIT IS NOSEY]

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Kids are less phased by that sort of thing- it's us gown ups who have the issues.
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Good child. Keep that thought with you as you she, and you will find many friends.