Here is Keiki with our first radish harvest from our garden:
He ate all of his. Humuhumu found them too peppery.

Here are Keiki and Humuhumu eating ice creams. Humuhumu is dressed as a pirate princess (outfit concept all hers). Keiki is dressed in one of the two shirts that don't cause him to start screaming as soon as you put it on him, holey black trousers and a single croc.

And here is Telstar defeating a stick whilst lounging in the porch of the tent in our garden.
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Radishes! They're so pretty. I want to grow them this year.

Pirate princess is an excellent costume concept. <3
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Have you told her about Anne Bonney and Mary Reid? Princesses they definitely were not but pirates? Oh yes!
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I find radishes very peppery as well.

Pirate Princess is a great idea. (The Princess In Black is a great book for princesses that want to go deal with monsters.)

Excellent work, Telstar.
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Lovely to meet your cat! He's gorgeous.

Love Humuhumu's costume! She has a good imagination by the looks.

Go Keiki eating all his radishes! I always found them a bit too peppery as a child too. Now I love flavour that smacks me between the eyes lol.
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What a lovely garden experience! Thank you for sharing. Happy kids and cat helps my day.
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I love Humuhumu's outfit!

Well done Telstar, you beat the stick!