Today is Very Important Day. Today is Bloke's Birthday. And hence, there has been BAKING. Behold!

Star cookies (from the dough reserved at the weekend)

That most American of treats, pecan pie (with toasted almonds, because I didn't have enough pecans, ho hum)
Pies, we made PIES!

And choccy biccies. Huzzah!
Choccy biccies
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From: [personal profile] tree_and_leaf

Belated happy birthday to Bloke!

They all look delicious - I like pecan pie, though I tend to end up baking shoofly pie instead (Lawyer is a PA boy...)
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From: [personal profile] omnipotent

Happy belated, Bloke! Hope he and all ya'll enjoyed all the sweets! They look scrumptious.