I asked Humuhumu to keep herself and Keiki amused with the laundry basket whilst I put away some freshly tumble-dried clothes.

As I was finishing up ten minutes later, she sang out to me, "Mummy, come and look what I made!"

And so I was greeted on the stairs by a daughter in her black heart hoodie, rainbow raindrop leggings, watermelon socks...and a skirt constructed from clothes pegs.
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So original and stylish! That is so creative and cute. :)
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So in the "burgeoning skills" column, does this go down as dress-making or engineering? =:o}

Excellent skirt! And she's got the photo-op posing down too...
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Clearly showing talent in all sorts of disciplines. And with fashionable decisions, as well.
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She just keeps getting more adorable - how is this even possible?