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( Mar. 18th, 2014 09:59 pm)
I felt the urge to rewrite my introduction so I thought I’d use it as a starting point for a Subscription Meme, as I haven’t seen one going around for a while.

I’ve made a template, which I’ve filled out very wordily below. Please feel free to adapt it to your wishes, and please link this post wherever you like. (Please participate or share? I'm going to feel very sad if this entry sits here alone with 0 comments...)

Subscription Meme template:
<b>People in this journal</b>
<b>About my job</b>
<b>Some random facts</b>
<b>Things I like to do</b>
<b>Social media usage</b>
<b>>Subscriptions, access and commenting</b>
<b>What I’d like to get from my participation here</b>

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Poll #17293 E-mail management
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E-mail management

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I strive to attain Inbox Zero and regularly succeed.
10 (18.2%)

I strive to attain Inbox Zero and occasionally succeed.
16 (29.1%)

I use a system of filters for my incoming mail. It works pretty well and I rarely miss stuff.
16 (29.1%)

What's Inbox Zero?
16 (29.1%)

I miss stuff all the time. Allll the time.
9 (16.4%)

17 (30.9%)

(This post triggered by the knowledge that I am rarely, if ever, fully caught up on e-mail communication. It is perpetually frustrating, and I never feel like I can take a break from it.)
Baby discovers stroopwaffel
[Keiki waves around a bag of stroopwafels after having consumed one. Crumbs not visible in black and white.]

In this Adventure of Keiki & Mummy at Home, Keiki digs through Mummy's large bag of rapidly assembled duty free items and discovers stroopwafels. Stroopwafels, for those who haven't had the pleasure, are a luxury Dutch biscuit/cookie consisting of two very thin crispy waffles sandwiching a layer of sticky caramel. They are terribly, terribly morish.

I think he likes them.
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( Feb. 1st, 2016 04:07 pm)
Granddad and Keiki

Granddad is visiting and helping care for Keiki, since the latter is recovering from a lengthy period of illness. Here they sit at the kitchen table, and Keiki enjoys munching on homemade biscotti, which serve the dual purpose of assuaging hunger and soothing teething gums.

[Cassini swag: 3 lithographs, a Grand Finale flyer, bookmarks, postcards, NASA stickers, Ring World DVD, info cards for Saturn/Titan/Enceladus/Iapetus]

A couple of weeks ago, I contacted JPL to ask to replenish my supplies of backlit Saturn lithographs. I was put in contact with a new outreach person, who promptly sent me a list (a list!) of available outreach materials, the existence of which I had not previously been aware. I looked at the list and said yes please, one of everything if that's not too greedy. I was expecting not to get all of it.

I was wrong. Earlier this week I received a message from Stores saying, "You have a package waiting for you." I dashed down excitedly to pick up my box. The Stores person looked at me and laughed. "You're going to need a trolley."

I don't have the time at present to assemble swag packs for people, but I can send out the postcards (on the lower right in the photo). They have a good deal of information on the back, so any message from me will be quite short. Would you like one? If so, please fill out the poll below. The answers are visible only to me. Alternatively, you can DM me. ([personal profile] emelbe & [ profile] imyril: you do not need to fill out the poll.)

Poll #17283 Cassini postcards
This poll is closed.
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: Just the Poll Creator, participants: 15

I would like a Cassini postcard, please! Here is an address where it will reach me.

ETA 01/02/2016: I've closed the poll because I've run out of stamps! All the cards requested via poll response or DM on DW have been sent.

After this term is over I'll do another postcard round, and there will also be swag packs on offer although I'll have to be more selective with those or the postage could get prohibitively expensive.
Poll #17275 Important biscuit question
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When presented with a choice between these two biscuits, which will you eat first?

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Bourbon cream
20 (45.5%)

Custard cream
24 (54.5%)

This is because

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I prefer that biscuit.
25 (51.0%)

I prefer the other biscuit, but want to eat it last.
6 (12.2%)

I'm being polite - I don't like either of these biscuits.
4 (8.2%)

15 (30.6%)

19 (38.8%)

I like to tick boxes. Sorry, what was the question?
17 (34.7%)

On Martin Luther King day (yesterday)

Me: “My work inbox is quiet today. You can tell it's MLK day in the States.”
Him: “Who's he?”
Me, after a long pause: “This is like that time you got me to explain bukkake to you, isn't it.”

At the dinner table. We are having an assortment of leftovers. I have also cooked the remainder of a packet of streaky bacon.
Keiki, pointing: “Mmm! Mmmm! Mmm!”
Me: “What? Mashed potatoes?...No. Pasta?...No. Beans?...No. Oh, but you've never had bacon before. Are you sure?”
Keiki: “MMMMMM!”
Me: “Okay, okay!”
(He ate two slices.)

In Norfolk

Humuhumu, laughing (age 3): “Bum Bum!”
Cousin, laughing (age 4): “Bum Bum!”
Adults: “Stop that! It's not nice to call people bum bum.”
There is a pause.
Humuhumu: “Cousin! Let's go upstairs so we can say it and they can't hear us.”

At home, a couple of weeks later.
Humuhumu: “Mummy, it's not nice to call people poo poo, is it.”
Me: “No.”
Humuhumu: “Or bum bum.”
Me: “No.”
Humuhumu: “You're not a poo poo or a bum bum.”
Me, gravely: “Thank you.”
Humuhumu: “You're a silly billy.”
For teasery spoilers on why I'm asking this question, look at the tags on this entry. :)

Poll #17261 Freebies
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When you go to an exhibition or convention where people are handing out (branded) freebies, which of these are your favourites?

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32 (64.0%)

11 (22.0%)

10 (20.0%)

Fridge magnets
18 (36.0%)

Stress balls
17 (34.0%)

Bouncy balls
11 (22.0%)

12 (24.0%)

18 (36.0%)

Something else I didn't list:

Yeah, I can't cope with the news or bring myself to talk about life right now. So instead, I give you a Gratuitous Neko Atsume picspam!

I haven't been so captivated by a game in years. Possibly more than a decade. I have collected all the cats. I have all but two of the "common" cats' mementos. I own all the toys. The only things I have left to do are to get the rest of the (mostly) rare cats to bring me their mementos, and purchase the other two backgrounds. Although my favourite is likely to remain the Zen Garden which features in the picspam.

Anyway, I have been carefully constructing a series of gardens. The first was inspired by a comments exchange with [personal profile] lurkingcat, and after that, I just couldn't stop.

The Food Garden.

The Expensive Garden (no toy worth less than 25 gold sardines).

+4 )

And finally, the Chromatic Garden series is behind the second cut.
Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Blue )

Fellow Neko Atsume players! What themes have you come up with for your gardens?
I know I'm a slow-moving mammal when it comes to the Internet. I mean hey, I'm still actively using LiveJournal and am suspicious of these new-fangled innovations like Tumblr and Instagram. But it sometimes surprises people to see that I keep a paper diary. I do use an electronic calendar (for work; Microsoft Outlook) but it's not my primary source for my list of daily tasks and meeting reminders. If I don't physically write things down, I don't remember to do them nearly as well as if I've put pen to paper in the process of committing them to memory. So I'm curious if there's anyone else out there who is still stubbornly clinging to their paper calendar or planner, or if I'm finally approaching an age when I can start becoming properly Luddite.

Poll #17246 Paper planners
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For scheduling, I primarily rely upon

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An electronic calendar (e.g. Outlook, Google)
28 (50.9%)

A paper calendar or planner
24 (43.6%)

Post-it notes stuck to mymonitor/my mirror/my forehead/various household appliances
1 (1.8%)

My brain
2 (3.6%)

Baby-carrying Dad
[Keiki hangs out of the sling, looking around the bloke, who is watching the sunset.]

Keiki says, "Goodbye, Old Year. Welcome, 2016."

We're ringing in the new year with wine and Mad Max: Fury Road. Start as you mean to continue, eh?