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I felt the urge to rewrite my introduction so I thought I’d use it as a starting point for a Subscription Meme, as I haven’t seen one going around for a while.

I’ve made a template, which I’ve filled out very wordily below. Please feel free to adapt it to your wishes, and please link this post wherever you like. (Please participate or share? I'm going to feel very sad if this entry sits here alone with 0 comments...)

Subscription Meme template:
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It's the end of the week and I'm fighting off a throat infection. Have a kid picspam; I know I need one.

These lecturers just keep getting younger and younger.

We went to the university this past weekend so that the bloke could have an office tidy and we could take the children to the Barber Institute (art gallery) and the Winterbourne botanic gardens. Ms Humuhumu took the opportunity to sit in his comfy swivel chair.

And brush up on her aerosol chemistry. As you do, of a Sunday.

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Over the past few weekends, we have encountered about twenty of the 200 owl statues gracing various locations in Birmingham and its environs. Below the cut: Humuhumu, with owls.

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Telstar, stretched out on the spare room bed. Someone please explain to me how I'm supposed to get any work done with this going on in the room? I mean, could he possibly luxuriate any harder? I THINK NOT.

Humuhumu was really tired when she got home from nursery yesterday. It was her first day wearing her glasses, so we let her lie down on the sofa and watch CBeebies for a while until she felt better.

Once she felt better, she got down on the floor in the front room and started playing with her toys. It was then that we started to see the true extent of the difference the glasses were making to her perception and her physical confidence.

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She wanted to put her glasses back on as soon as she got out of the bath in the evening, and again when she got up this morning. I don't think we're going to have any trouble getting her to keep them on. She clearly comprehends the improvement they're making, although it may be a few days before she becomes fully accustomed to the enhanced visual input!
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( Aug. 17th, 2015 02:26 pm)

On the spur of the moment - unusual for us - we took Humuhumu and Keiki in to Birmingham on Saturday by eco-friendly means (bicycle followed by train). We had a noodly lunch, went owl-hunting and finally headed to the Ikon gallery to look at some very modern art. Humuhumu was particularly affected by the soundscape exhibition. When we sat down to have our afternoon snack, she took the pencils and paper from her Art Explorer pack and produced a "swimming pool" drawing. There were a lot of water sounds in the exhibition, so I was impressed that this was what she took away from it.

We then devoured buckwheat pancakes with clotted cream and strawberries before taking the train home to make bread.
The bloke brought home an infrared camera from the forest he's doing experiments in at the moment. Naturally we set it up in the back garden overnight.

And we learnt we have hedgehogs!

[11 second YouTube video]

Less surprising was the discovery that we have a Telstar.

[11 second YouTube video]

This evening he said he had to nip to Homebase to get some supplies for tomorrow's forest experiment. This is what he came home with.
  • hose clamps
  • gaffer tape
  • cable ties
  • heavy-duty plastic sheeting

Currently trying to decide whether or not I should be worried.
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( Aug. 4th, 2015 09:25 pm)
Here I am on my first day back at work, yesterday. My hair is down! My tea is hot! I was using my geekiest mug (The Grand Challenge Equations one from the San Diego Supercomputer Center) and getting my instrument operations checks on. It was amazing.

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The all-inclusive resort we stayed in during our week in Turkey in May offered a formal family photo shoot as part of the package - though of course print-outs/digital copies thereof cost extra. We decided to have a go at it. The end results were admittedly rather cheesy, especially compared to the glorious ones from [ profile] melissa_maples (See them here: DW/LJ) but we went for a few anyway. It’s nice to have one framed family portrait in the house!

Bloke, me, Humuhumu and Keiki in a train on a sun lounger.

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( Jul. 30th, 2015 08:15 pm)
Recently, [personal profile] emelbe came to visit us, bringing glorious weather with her. She spent six days with us, lounging in the garden, going for runs and generally being a very relaxed hoopy frood. (She’s definitely the sort of hitchhiker who really knows where her towel is.)

She also took some pictures, which I’m sharing here with permission and much glee.

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We took M to a nearby Country Fair, because if you’re going to visit rural Worcestershire you might as well have a properly agricultural experience. With locally brewed cider. And a “guess the weight of the pregnant pig” contest.

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And finally, because M was here during 4 July, which perhaps understandably is not quite as big a deal in Britain as it is in the United States, we had a Revolting Colonial Day barbecue. The bloke retaliated by inviting a bunch of Brits to come over and help celebrate. We may have been outnumbered, but I think we made up for it with attitude. :D
Keiki and I spent two part-days visiting Smithsonians in Washington DC whilst we were staying in Silver Spring, MD, for [ profile] dizzykj’s wedding. I’ve wanted to go to a Smithsonian (any of them!) since I read about them as a child, and I was as thrilled to be able to go this May as I would have been thirty years ago.

On our first expedition, we rode the Red Line from Silver Spring to Judiciary Square, and walked from there to the Air and Space Museum. Judiciary Square was eerily deserted. I got the feeling it was a bit like being in the City (in London) at the weekend: places that are absolutely heaving Monday through Friday are completely empty on Saturday and Sunday.

+15, Air & Space Museum )

After all the tech, I wanted to spend a little time appreciating nature so we headed for the nearby Botanic Gardens. I was hoping to get a cup of tea there, but it turns out to be pretty much the only place on the Mall that doesn’t have a cafe. I had a quick spin through the glass houses and then went back to the Smithsonians.

+5, Botanic Gardens )

I chose to have my late lunch and very delayed cup of tea in the National Museum of the American Indian. I later discovered that I’d chosen one of the best of the overpriced Smithsonian cafes to eat in, according to the locals in the wedding party. I did think my enchiladas were pretty good at the time, but it was still nice to have my unintentional good judgment validated!

The very beautiful internal architecture of the mostly harrowing National Museum of the American Indian. I didn’t take any other photos inside, just experienced all the exhibits, which apart from the modern ones designed by Native Americans, were pretty unremittingly depressing. It’s kind of hard for them not to be when the treatment of native peoples by the US government was (is…) appalling for most of the US’s history.

Keiki sat with me and quietly watched a fifteen minute film about the tragic nineteenth century removals of native peoples from their land, so when he took a shine to a rattle in a Navajo design in the shop afterward, I got it for him. It’s now one of his favourite toys.
(These aren't appearing in chronological order. My apologies. They're appearing as I catch up with curating, editing and uploading photos and writing the associated words!)

Not long before the Shauns left London, Keiki and I stole a day during the very short gap between our trips to Turkey and Washington DC in May to take a final shot at bagging all the sculptures. We’d nabbed 16 on our first go and done the hardest of the four trails, so I thought we had a fair chance of doing at least two more. As it turned out, we managed exactly two trails and 17 more Shauns before my feet and shoulders called time on the adventure. I reckon we could have gotten halfway through the third trail before we had to get our train back to Birmingham, but I would’ve been crying by the time we got home. It’s not so bad carrying a baby, a rucksack full of baby stuff and a dSLR for a couple of hours, but when you’re spending the whole day on your feet, it can get to be a bit much.

We popped out of Oxford Street tube station around 11 AM and immediately set about our first task: Shaun’s Trail, involving 11 Shauns.

Baa-bushka, Carnaby Street

+17 including several ridiculous selfies )

Since I was still feeling pretty strong and Keiki had had a nap and a feed during the first trail, we headed back up toward Covent Garden and launched directly into Timmy’s Trail, which involved 7 Shauns.

Me, Keiki and Flash! Photo by some nice French tourists.

+12 )

I began walking toward Temple station with the intention of doing a bit of the trail in the City before heading back to Euston, but once I arrived at Temple and sat down to await a train, I realised I was not up for it and would be better off returning to Euston, having a coffee and a bit of cake and then boarding the train home. So I did, regretfully abandoning the London hunt at 34 out of 50 Shauns. Still, I think we didn’t do too badly!
Today's recommendation is for the [community profile] common_nature community. I confess to being one of the major contributors, but I'm certainly not the only one. I tend to share the macro shots of insects and telephoto captures of birds at our feeders in this community rather than here in my personal journal. If you like photos and paintings of birds, insects and plants as well as discussion of the changing seasons and behaviour of your local wildlife, then [community profile] common_nature is for you.

Because I'm still quite proud of it, I append my latest macro shot of a white plume moth that I disturbed whilst weeding the garden:

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